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Greetings! So my bf (a.k.a. Dark_tyranitar) has been trying to get me to do a massive collection update for about a week and a half, so I've finally decided to do it. We have received a lot of plush from SMJ recently and have purchased another cabinet to display pokedolls in. Some of the cases are a little crowded so you can't see everything, but at least they are safe in there from dust, etc.
Also, I'm posting to call upon the experts in this community for help identifying something we bought on SMJ. It is a set of the original starters from the Pokemon Center, and from what we could gather from several different translation sites, was a lottery prize. I do believe this since just like the shiny beasts, the tag has no barcode. They are larger than your standard pokedoll and incredibly soft, I absolutelt adore them...just trying to figure out what the deal is with them. Thanks for your help, and enjoy the photos!

Warning: Extremely image heavy since these are photos of my entire collection

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Collection Update

Just a few pics of the latest additions to my collection. I now have close to 170 different Pokemon. I don't know what we will do when all of the cabinets are full...lol

My new canvas Lapras, Dragonite, Jirachi, and Shinx

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Massive Collection Update

Hey Everyone! It's been a busy weekend for pokemon collecting adventures! First, I received some items my bf bought for me from the Pokemon Collectors community. Special thanks to entirelycliched, ewokie, and hi_mit_su for my new DX Darkrai, Smoochum, Torkoal, Poliwag, and Slowking.
Secondly, thanks to my awesome bf dark_tyranitar for not only bringing me back a Jakks Electronic Talking Pachirisu, taking me to IKEA and buying yet another cabinet for my ever growing collection, and last but certainly not least....we went to Dorney Park (our local amusement park) and we saw the giant Toy Factory Pokemon plush that you can't buy in stores at one of their game stands. He decided to give it a shot, and I am now the proud owner of a gigantic Piplup!!!!  Enjoy the photos!

Some of my new Pokemon purchased from the Pokemon Collector Community
Some of my new Pokemon Plush purchased through the Pokemon Collector Community

My new cabinet complete with lighting...gotta love IKEA

Me standing at the bowling game

The winning strike!!

Me receiving my Piplup :-)

Piplup in his new home, Jakks Piplup in photo for size reference...he's huge!!

Collection Update

Hi Everyone,

Just posting some pics of new additions to my collection. I now have most of Jakks series 12...I just need Lugia. Also, we bought a new cabinet last night. Yay!! I will finally have enough room to display them all (hopefully).

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